About Me

45 years ago after the birth of my first child, I decided to get involved with improving parents’ birth experiences and have been working since then for change and choice in childbirth.

I attended my first birth as a lay companion in 1972 and have since shared the births of over 100 women and couples.

I have helped 100’s more parents prepare for the births of their babies in my role as an antenatal teacher. I initially trained with the NCT, worked with parents and went on to train other teachers. Since 1992 I have taught independently at my home in Hackney allowing me to work positively with parents to prepare for birth and parenting. These group preparation classes act as a foundation for developing the invaluable new mum network.

I have worked to establish, develop and promote Doula UK for the last ten years; championing the support that doulas can provide to new parents as well as mentoring women who have decided to become doulas themselves.